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Woodless Artist Pencil Set · Karst

Woodless Artist Pencil Set · Karst

PriceFrom $45.00

Simple · Functional · Beautiful: Just a pencil, minus the wood. Tree-free and more pigment. A pencil un-encased from its traditional wooden holder, unleashing five times more rich pigment, and layered with a matte coating to keep your hands clean. 


Made without a wood barrel, Karst Artist Pencils have a full lead body, offering 5 times more usable pigment and material than any standard pencil. With a full range of colours, bring vibrancy and life to your drawings. Designed specifically for use with Karst paper, but suitable for all paper types. Completely friction-free, Karst Pencils glide across the page making shading effortless and cramp-free. 12 or 24 colors in a display & storage box.


Photos & text courtesy of AMEICO

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