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Wms&Co Self-Inking Custom Rubber Stamp · Nickel+Black

Wms&Co Self-Inking Custom Rubber Stamp · Nickel+Black

PriceFrom $150.00

From Wms&Co -- specialists in elevating everyday objects through design -- come customizable rubber stamps that have retained the best of Old World European craftsmanship with flavors of modern design.


As they note, in a highly digital age, "the very act of using a manual stamp...feels positively subversive. It’s a distinctive way to personalize packaging and communications while adding a layer of instant patina. Whether you’re stamping a business logo, your personal monogram or an ex libris label, these marks are truly indelible."

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  • Dimensions & Specs

    • Extra Small: 2" x 7/8"
    • Large: 2" x 3"
    • Made in the US; made of American and European components.
  • Meet the Makers at Wms&Co

    For Wms&Co, a collaboration between JP and Allison Williams, "design is at the root of everything we do. To say it’s an obsession would not be overstating things. It has transformed our habits and our habitats."

    The utilitarian objects Wms & Co. offers are "elevated by design and influenced by history...[leading to]...exquisitely practical tools to enhance daily life. Use them often and they will acquire the rich patina of service...[and a] deliciously offline experience that can be hard to come by these days...making life a little more efficient and a lot more beautiful."

  • Features

    The stamps feature the addition of special handles, derived from the design of a 19th-century paperweight, and crafted in solid unfinished Ash hardwood, painted glossy black and finished with their distinctive W button. 

    The heavy-duty metal design of their Signature Self Inking Rubber Stamp makes quite an impression. Each size feels substantial in the hand; and the retractable stamping mechanism conveniently contains a hidden ink pad so there is no need for a separate ink pad.

    This model accommodates interchangeable typographic imprint plates so they can be used for multiple messages. One custom imprint plate is included with your Stamper. After purchase, email your artwork to to customize the typographic imprint templates; or a Gift Voucher with instructions for customizaton will be automatically included so the recipient (or you) can personalize at a later date.

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