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MADRE Linen Legume Oblong Tablecloth

Legume 56"x110" Linen Tablecloth · MADRE Linen


Gathering for meals with cherished friends and family is MADRE Linen's most favorite thing to do (ours, too). Adorn your table, or the perfect spot in the grass, with the legume linen tablecloth and honor these special moments of gathering.


Individual 100% linen tablecloth 

56”x110” (oblong)

Only 2 left in stock
  • Linen & Production Info

    MADRE’s linen is grown in Belgium, and produced in Lithuania. Woven in a mill that runs on green energy, it is also Oeko-Tex certified. 

    These napkins are designed and sewn in MADRE Linen's hometown of Portland, OR.

  • Size

    56" x 110"

  • Care Instructions

    • Wash at 30 degrees with a non bio detergent. Do not tumble. Shake out and dry flat. Linen will always seize up after washing but as soon as you start to use/wear it the fibres relax again.
    • Never dry linen in direct sunlight as the colour can bleach and fade.

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