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Naturally Dyed Organic Cotton Napkins Set • Pomegranate + Indigo

Naturally Dyed Organic Cotton Napkins Set • Pomegranate + Indigo

SKU: 38195365

Organic light-weight cotton napkins, hand dyed naturally in Rochester, MN with crushed pomegranate skins, followed by a series of indigo dips. This set is a mid-level depth of shade. 


Set of four napkins

Size approx. 48cm (19") square

Hand-dyed in Rochester, MN


Actual colors may differ from what appears on the screen; variation in color is a characteristic of the natural dyeing process. 

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  • Care Instructions

    Plant dyed items need to be treated with some extra TLC. To keep your color true, and to not impact other items in the same load, please wash in cold water with similar colors. Always use a gentle, PH neutral soap, such as ECOS or Dropps brands.

    Line drying will keep the color true the longest, but sunlight can fade plant dyes as well, so we recommend either machine dry on a low temperature or choose a shady outdoor spot for plant dyed linen drying.

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