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Keraclay Classic Ceramic Mug · Lilac

Keraclay Classic Ceramic Mug · Lilac

SKU: KC-SQ6307547

Wheel thrown mug in White Stoneware clay and glazed in a soft matte lilac glaze, by Keraclay founder, Virginia Felix.

Estimated Ship Date Late May/Early June 2024
  • Dimensions & Specs

    4"D x 3.5"H

  • Meet the maker: Virginia Felix

    Keraclay studio is located in Brooklyn, New York founded by Virginia Felix. Her work ranges from hand-building to wheel-throwing, exploring the dichotomy between function + form. All ceramic pieces are handmade in the studio

  • Handmade

    *Each ceramic is handmade, making each piece unique. Inconsistency in texture, shape, and color may occur due to its natural material and firing proceedures.

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